Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Buff Bagwell WOD

Well I went in with the AOM power hour crew today, but I didn't get to do any crossfit. While Kelp, Chad and Josh were setting new PR's and blasting through WOD's I was next door at Training Techniques.

It felt so weird to not be training with the Group listening to hip-hop-anonymous. Instead I was doing a Buff Bagwell chest workout to some pop music. I've got to remember to start bringing my head phones and ipod.

3x10 Bench Press @ 135#
3x5 DB Press @ 45#
3x10 DB Flies @ 15#
3x5 DB Pullovers @ 45#
3x10 DB Incline Press @ 45#
3x10 DB Flies @ 15#
3x10 Front Raises @ 10#
3x10 Lateral Raises @ 10#

Chest Flies on the Cable Machine as many as I could get. 30 reps @ 20# on each side.

Old WWF fans know who this guy is, lol!
This is going to take some getting used to since I've been wired for crossfit training and WOD's the past 6 months. I already can't wait for my damn knee to get better!

That being said I am going to work 1 on 1 with Derrick Lee next door for some personal training work. My goal is to keep working out and doing exercises and movements that  I can while trying to increase strength and continuing to work on lean muscle mass. Oh and lots of CORE, lots & lots of 7 minute abs work, ha!

It's been great the past few days seeing everyone's hard work the past 60 days for the 3 C's Challenge paying off. Lots of new PR's and awesome times being set across the board. I just wish I had a chance to freaking do the benchmark WOD's for the challenge. It's absolutely killing me not being able to do them. I found myself in my office at work today with a PVC pipe doing thrusters telling myself I got this. Let me say it again freaking killing me that I can do the WOD's and finish this challenge.

I'm going to circle back around to Fran, Grace, and Cindy at the end of the summer to see where I'm at with these benchmark workouts. Hopefully by then I can pick abck up with the Outlaw WOD's too.

On a positive note I was down 3 more lbs. from last week and weighed-in at 227 lbs. today. 59 lbs down and 41 more to go. My diet is going to be even more important the next month or two while I'm out of crossfit.

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